Pan Metal development is based on our ethic in business.

This commitment has an important tool to guide the actions and decisions of contributors: the conduct code. It’s a document who offers clear orientations and non negotiable.


Our conduct and ethic codes demonstrate our commitment to reach empresarial objectives with social responsability, aiming to enrich the relationship with contributors, customers and suppliers, with respect to people, to the communities were we act and environment, keeping trust and market recognition.

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Pan Metal supplier manual

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PAN METAL keeps improving constantly the relationship with your supplier chain, with the purpose to guarantee improvement on processes who involves products and services acquired.

Regarding quality requirements, PAN METAL provides the Quality Manual for the suppliers, which clarifies about expectation, it has been systemized in a shared way with external providers.

PAN METAL hopes that our suppliers is equally commited with the quality attending the requirements described in this manual.