Pan-Metal is compromised to envolve all the organization in the development and continuos improvement of our Quality Management System, having as commitment:
• Pursuit satisfaction of our customers;
• Continuos improvement of our processes with focus in quality and productivity;
• Assure work conditions, providing security, health and well-being to our contributors and outsourced members;
• Conducting the relationship with the stakeholders with ethics and transparency, attending the applicable requirements.


Lean manufacturing

Lean manufacturing, translatable as lean manufacturing is a management philosophy focused on reducing the seven types of waste (overproduction, waiting time, transportation, over-processing, inventory, motion and defects). By eliminating such waste, improves the quality and production time and cost decrease. Tools “lean” processes include continuous analysis (kaizen), production “pull” (in the sense of kanban) and elements / failsafe processes (poka-yoke).

A crucial aspect is that most of the costs are calculated on a product design phase. An engineer will specify known materials and processes and costs at the expense of other cheap and efficient processes. This reduces project risks. Companies that follow this methodology develop and forward check sheets to validate the product design.



The key points of lean manufacturing are:

Immediate total quality – go in search of “zero defect”, and detection and solution of problems at the source.

Minimizing waste – elimination of all activities that have no added value and safety nets, the use of scarce resources optimization (capital, people and space).

Continuous improvement – reducing costs, improving quality, increasing productivity and information sharing

Processes “pull” – the products are removed by the end customer, and not pushed to the end of the production chain.

Flexibility – quickly produce lots of different variety of products without compromising efficiency due to lower production volumes.

Construction and maintenance of a long-term relationship with suppliers having the risk sharing agreements, costs and information.


Lean is basically all that concerns getting right materials at the right place in the right amount, minimizing waste, being flexible and open to change.

PAN-METAL Indústria Metalúrgica LTDA, through its Quality Management System based on ISO 9001: 2015 and AS 9100: D standards, with certification recognized by the BRTÜV – TÜV NORD GROUP corporation, ensures the performance of all its activities by making available the resources and also respecting the legal requirements due to satisfy your customers.