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The Company PanMetal in January changed your build to the city of São Paulo With 12.600m2 distributed in independent manufacturing areas, offices and its own restaurant with capacity for 100 people. Always investing in new technologies to improve manufacturing processes. Come visit us and know our company.



PAN METAL Industria Metalurgica Ltda. is a company that since 1977 breakdown barriers and exceeds expectations, today, open the doors to all customers and friends. We invite everyone to know his history, a history where determination, skill and entrepreneurial spirit, always present.

The work of PAN METAL is marked by creativity, quality and punctuality always following the market trends. Since its inauguration, on April 12 of 1977, it was known that their clients would be customers for life, and to win the loyalty of all, you should always be aware of your needs. Their goal is to provide innovative solutions making partnerships happens in an atmosphere of trust, cooperation and respect.

It has a modern infrastructure ready to meet the various market trends. Aiming in offering a complete service and high quality products to its customers, it’s never hesitates to invest in new technologies. Its industrial park is equipped with high quality machines. CNC lathes, machining centers with 3, 4 and 5 axis up to 3 meters.

It has a quality control department controlled temperature, with highly qualified professionals and equipment to ensure the highest level of quality in the products, required nationally and internationally.

The company has a specialized team of technicians and engineers who use software development, such as NX and Solid Edge Siemens to develop the product according to the needs of the process.

The company also uses the Mega ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) and VLC-MES (production management system) to manage all activities related to manufacturing, purchases, Planning, etc.

To develop this technology ,PAN METAL since its opening is concerned with improving costs and develop its workforce. The quality standard is constantly enhanced with modern production techniques, high quality equipment, and professionalizing its staff. The search for quality has been a constant point to reach the PAN METAL goals today, and a fully adapted now the newest global trends.

The Quality management system of Pan Metal is based on ISO 9001: 2008 (Quality Management System – Requirements) and NBR 15100: 2010 (Aerospace Quality System).

So that their services meet the requirements in an exemplary manner, develop job procedures better and better.

The certifications confirm everything that is noted and shows that the evolution of quality and right.

The PAN-METAL has 12.600m2 and intends to continue outperforming market expectations always seeking to innovate in research and finding new alternatives according to the needs of its customers.

PAN-METAL, the solution of outsourcing. Investing and developing for the future.